Ron Lopatin is one of Israel's leading mentalists. He has an MBA in Marketing and Advertising, and he is an expert in mind reading and NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming).

Ron started his career when he was 11, and was Israel's Wonder Boy, after his winning in the national competition for professional magicians. Ron was the only youth competitor.

Local media immediately fell in love with Ron, and he appeared in every possible TV night show.

Ron toured around the world with his show, in English. The places he has performed include: Los Angeles' and Orange County's "Hillel," New Hampshire Jewish Summer Camp "Tel-Noar," London, UK: Israeli Ambassador's house, France: several Club Med hotels, and Jerusalem: King David hotel and the Israel Museum.​

Ron is fluent in English. He received his BFA from Chapman University in California.

Ron is married to Moran, a Clinical Dietitian.

In his spare time he tries to read the minds of Tom and Adam, his beloved sons.






"Ron Lopatin, in just 50 minutes, managed to impress and amaze a sophisticated audience Of the academic staff of the College of Management. ..Well done! "

Gila Oren, PhD

College of Management

Segev Moshe

אירוע פרטי


"I loved the humor that breaks the banality !"
"Original ,charming, stunning!"

Erez Tal

Leon R.

תוכנית הבוקר

קשת 12

"Forget everything you knew about mentalists, I went back home and it took me a long time to fall asleep..!"


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